Microblading 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

Microblading 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

Eyebrows frame the face. However, few women are satisfied with the way that their brows look. Cosmetic shelves are lined with products that claim to make sparse brows appear fuller. However, these items wash off each night. To battle the struggle toward a structured brow line, many people turn to microblading. Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent way to create the perfect appearance of natural hair. If you are considering this procedure, you will want to know what to expect.

What is Brow Microblading ?

To explain, microblading eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure that brings semi-permanent results. A handheld tool is used, which holds tiny needles in the shape of a blade. A professional uses this piece of equipment to manually draw hair-like strokes onto a person’s face so that pigment can be deposited under the skin. When completed, an individual appears to have perfectly shaped brows that look realistic and that do not wash away.

Microblading Versus Ombre Powder Eyebrows

Very similar to microblading, ombre powder fill is another way to achieve full-looking brows. However, it uses a machine to make marks, which is similar to a conventional tattooing process. Therefore, it brings long-lasting results. Since the ink goes a bit deeper, the brows look more dramatic than with microblading. Thanks to the latest ombre powder technology, the pigment creates a diverted appearance. In other words, it does not leave behind harsh lines. Unlike microblading, this process is best for a person with oily skin.

Is Microblading a Tattoo?

Although the overall application process is similar, microblading does not bring permanent results like a true tattoo. The strokes that are made are not deeply deposited into the skin like with a conventional tattoo. Also, the pigment that is used for microblading is different. It is metabolized by the body and disappears with time. Since the dye particles are less concentrated, a person’s brows appear soft and authentic.

Who is a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is a smart idea for people with thin or uneven browse. Although it is common to use brushes and pencils to fill in sparse hair, a much more realistic look is achieved with microblading. Women who spend a great deal of time applying cosmetics to make their brows look better will appreciate this procedure. The ideal candidate has normal skin and small pores. If a person has oily skin, it may cause the application to bleed and expand. Luckily, a person with any skin tone may opt for this procedure. Even individuals with alopecia may be potential candidates.

How Long Does Microblading Eyebrows Last?

Microblading is not the same for everyone. The lasting effects depend on a person’s individual skin type. Normally, the procedure lasts between one and three years. As previously mentioned, people with oily skin may experience faster fading. It is recommended to return for a touchup after four weeks. After this first touch up, a person should need no further work for a year.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Eyebrows Microbladed?

To be sure, microblading is not cheap. However, many people who have received the service report that the results are worth the price. On average, one session will run between $400 and $600. It is important to mention that there are places that charge much less, but this may be a sign of poor quality. Obviously, you want your face in good hands. Therefore, it is crucial to trust the procedure to an experienced and trained provider.

What Happens During a Microblading Appointment?

After an initial consultation, you can expect to schedule your microblading appointment. Most people are a bit anxious. However, the procedure is quite painless.

Before the treatment begins, a topical anesthetic is applied to your face. This decreases the likelihood of discomfort. You will be asked about your make up routine. Also, you will be asked about the look that you desire. An experienced technician will sketch the design of the brows onto your face. The goal is to create a symmetrical look that accentuates your features. An ideal color will be recommended as well. After you agree to a specific look, the procedure will start.

Usually, the process lasts approximately one hour. To repeat, microblading involves making tiny cuts in the brow area so that pigment can be deposited. Following treatment, extra ink is removed, and the new brows are revealed. You will no longer need to worry about spending hours on your makeup or that your brows will wash away in the rain or the shower.

After receiving a microblading procedure, it has been advised to avoid anti-inflammatories for approximately one week. Also, you should not use ice on your face. These will hamper the natural healing process. You should avoid direct sun for a few weeks as well. However, an antibacterial ointment may be used on the brow area immediately after the treatment.

Since microblading eyebrows is a non-invasive procedure, recovery is quick. However, there may be a few common side effects. For example, you may experience a sunburn-like effect. This should subside in a few days. By the third day, peeling may begin. If scabs develop, they must never be picked. This may lead to scarring. After a week, you can return to your normal skincare routine.

Where Can I Get Microblading?

You want to make sure that you have a positive experience. Although there are many facilities that offer microblading, you want to work with a trusted group of professionals. At a Dose of Brows, we take pride in our services. Each treatment is filled with the latest beauty innovations. We use Perma Blend pigments, which deliver longer-lasting results and are crafted from certified vegan ingredients. For top results, you should make an appointment with our “SPMU Celebrity Master Artist.” If you are near Sherman Oaks and are interested in microblading eyebrows, ombre powder eyebrows, or similar cosmetic procedures, call us at 323-636-8013.

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