Microblading – Crafting Exceptional Brows and Correcting Previous Mistakes!

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Microblading & Magnetic Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal


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Yep, we get it. The quest for that ultimate Microblading maestro isn’t a walk in the park. Those thoughts about the semi-permanent makeup procedure might just be giving you more stress lines than you’d like, leaving your hair seemingly exploring fifty shades of grey due to all that uncertainty. And oh, the maze of options you’re navigating while searching for that holy-grail semi-permanent makeup artist – it’s practically a universe of choices.

We totally vibe with your hunger for those extra doses of beauty – waking up, looking and feeling drop-dead gorgeous without the daily makeup hustle. If this resonates with you, then guess what? Your journey to unleashing your inner desires kicks off right here, at the amazing realm of Dose of Brows. And yes, you can totally imagine a chorus of angels serenading in the background. 🎵✨

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Dive into our menu of PMU services – think microblading for those brows that slay, combo sessions that blend microblading and shading like a masterpiece, ombré/powder brows for that soft yet striking effect, lip blushing to rock those pouty vibes, snow lips rejuvenation for that icy-chic allure, & hey, even magnetic tattoo removal for a clean slate. And oh, did I mention? We’re all about the crème de la crème – only the finest beauty products get the nod here. 💁🏻‍♀️💄✨




Microblading Brows

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Magnetic PMU Removal

Magnetic PMU Removal

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Lip Blushing

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Verified Reviews

Thank you Liana for an amazing service. If you want your eyebrows done she’s the best she will know what shape will suit your face, she’s an absolute artist and has the best energy. Highly recommended!

Amelia K.

The lip blush i did with Liana is perfect. I’m absolutely in love with her work. She was so wonderful, answered all my questions and did exactly what I asked for. Thank you..

Ashley W. (Actor)

I have natural brows and I’ve always been scared of doing anything to my brows. I came today to do a full brow microblading treatment and I’m incredibly happy with the outcome. Liana was super amazing, my eyebrows look so natural but fuller and matches my face and skin naturally.

Margaret P.


Step into Dose of Brows – where beauty reaches new heights! Our focus? Elevating your beauty game with bespoke semi-permanent makeup. Think microblading, combo artistry, ombré/powder brows, shade and blade, color correction, retouch, and lip blush. Let’s magnify your natural allure. 💫💄✨