Microblading & Permanent Makeup

Microblading, Lip Blush, Non-Invasive Magentic PMU & Tattoo Removal, Snow Lips Rejuvenation

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Microblading Los Angeles & PMU Service

Our microblading service is one of our most popular offerings. Our experienced technicians use a microblade tool to create natural-looking hair strokes in your eyebrows, resulting in fuller, more defined brows. We also offer lip blushing, a semi-permanent makeup technique that adds color and definition to your lips. For those who are looking to remove unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup, our non-invasive magnetic tattoo removal technique may be the perfect solution. Finally, we offer snow lip rejuvenation/detox to help enhance the appearance and health of your lips.

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Microblading & Magnetic PMU Removal

We specialize in a variety of PMU semi-permanent cosmetic techniques to enhance your natural beauty. Our services include microblading for eyebrows, combo (microblading and shading), ombré/powder brows, lip blushing, snow lips rejuvenation, magnetic tattoo removal: PMU / Microblading and we only use the best-in-market beauty products to ensure you look and feel your best.




Microblading Brows

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Verified Reviews

Thank you Liana for an amazing service. If you want your eyebrows done she’s the best she will know what shape will suit your face, she’s an absolute artist and has the best energy. Highly recommended!

Amelia K.

The lip blush i did with Liana is perfect. I’m absolutely in love with her work. She was so wonderful, answered all my questions and did exactly what I asked for. Thank you..

Ashley W. (Actor)

I have natural brows and I’ve always been scared of doing anything to my brows. I came today to do a full brow microblading treatment and I’m incredibly happy with the outcome. Liana was super amazing, my eyebrows look so natural but fuller and matches my face and skin naturally.

Margaret P.


Welcome to Dose of Brows! We are dedicated to elevating your beauty experience through our innovative and personalized approach to semi-permanent makeup. Our services include microblading, combination (microblading and shading), ombré and powder brows, shade and blade, color correction, retouch, and lip blush. Let us help you enhance your natural beauty.

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