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Hairstroke Brows

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrows that creates a natural eyebrow look with a tool called a microblade. A microblade is a handheld tool with little needles on the end that are used to create hand-drawn hair strokes in the eyebrow area to simulate real eyebrow hairs.

Microblading lasts about 1-2 years depending on the type of skin that is being microbladed. Many artists do not use the correct pigment so that is why you will see some people with microbladed eyebrows that are starting to change colors. We use high-quality vegan pigments so our colors won’t turn to another color, but slowly fade over time until you come in for a touch-up appointment.

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We specialize in Microblading Eyebrows, Combo, Ombré / Powder Brows, Lip Blushing, and Best-in-Market Beauty Products With The Intent of Making You Feel and Look Your Best.

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This was my first time getting microblading and let me say Liana was sooooo amazing. I was super nervous but she let me know there was nothing to worry about and guided me through everything. Each step she explained to me what it was that we were doing, what everything was and how it’s going to have an effect in the end. She even talked to my mother on facetime when I was getting a second opinion and reassured her as well. My mom loved the results and I loved loved my results so happy with my brows.

Destyn P.

Liana is ahmaazing! Her attention to detail, patience, and the time she takes with her clients is impeccable. Me and my daughter had an appointment with her. She is very friendly and professional and made us feel very comfortable. Before our Microblading session she showed us the colors available and we picked the color for our brows that we both felt was more suitable for our skin tone. She outlined the shapes and made sure we were comfortable with them before she began. I would definitely recommend her hands down to anyone. She is professional and has an amazing personality. It’s a win/win!

Exotica B.

Thanks, Liana for your professional work! So glad that found you! Very sweet woman and a very talented permanent makeup artist! I love my new brows! Excellent job!

Valeriya B.


Dose of Brows raises the beauty game, bringing innovation and personalization to Semi-Permanent Makeup, Microblanding, Combination, Ombré & Power Brows, Shade & Blade, Color Correction, Retouch & Lip Blush.

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