Microblading Eyebrows & Lip Blushing Calabasas, CA

Citizens of Calabasas Love Microblading by Dose of Brows!

Calabasas is a new city with old roots, bordered by Topanga, Malibu, and Woodland Hills. This old west ranchera became Los Angeles County’s newest city in 1991. Local legend says the area was named Las Calabasas, “the place where the pumpkins fell,” after a wagonload of pumpkins spilled on the road, sowing seeds for the abundance of wild squash found in the area today. The Pumpkin Festival at Juan Bautista de Anza Park, held every October, is emblematic of the town’s community focus. Celebrities and professionals alike enjoy a haven filled with spacious estates while maintaining a low-key lifestyle. Miley Cyrus, Drake, and the Kardashians are just a few of the locals who enjoy this great escape from the paparazzi-filled streets of Los Angeles.

Calabasas has easy access to the beach, hiking trails, restaurants, and a country club. Residents are actively involved in making their town wonderful, so it’s no surprise that they take self-care seriously. Bright eyes and a gorgeous smile are hallmarks of a sunny disposition, and the locals are huge fans of beauty treatments that enhance their brows and lips. Microblading and lip-blushing are great ways to achieve a fresh, natural look, and for the best results, savvy citizens go to Dose of Brows.

Liana G., the founder of Dose of Brows, is an expert microblading artist who creates specialized semi-permanent augmentations that replace heavy makeup. Her technique blends fine, pigmented marks into the existing hair to create the look of a full, perfectly shaped brow. This gentle process can be adapted for lips to create a delicate rosy pout.

Living well is key to Calabasas’ upscale yet wholesome lifestyle. Clients love how microblading and lip blush services keep them looking great with a minimum of hassle, and this deluxe, personalized experience is available to you. When it’s time to freshen up your image, call Dose of Brows! We’ll help you look your California best.

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