Microblading Eyebrows, Lip Blush Westwood, CA

Find Easy Microblading Services while Exploring Beautiful Westwood

Surrounded by museums and cultural attractions, Westwood is known for its “college town” feel mixed with the luxurious style of Los Angeles. Home of UCLA, the neighborhood sits just minutes from sandy beaches, boutique shopping, art galleries, and the stars of Hollywood.

Whether you are watching a movie at the iconic Fox Theater or exploring the Hammer Museum, you’ll quickly notice how each resident has their own sense of style and many of them make their looks seem “effortless.” The secret is that there are several innovative beauty services in Westwood that cater to a busy lifestyle.

Creating your own unique look is a lot easier when you have a company like Dose of Brows by your side. Founded by award-winning Celebrity Master Microblading Artist Liana G., Dose of Brows works with you to help you quickly achieve your beauty goals using innovative semi-permanent makeup procedures.

If you are hoping to glow up while adhering to the latest Westwood makeup trends, microblading your eyebrows could be the answer. This procedure quickly fills in and defines your eyebrows using a gentle tattooing technique. The cosmetic artist will draw natural-looking hair strokes onto your skin to help you get the color, shape, and fullness you want. The process takes just a few hours and requires very little maintenance afterward.

Dose of Brows doesn’t stop at eyebrows. Lip blushing is another popular procedure among busy students and Westwood residents. Like microblading, a cosmetic artist will apply pigment to your lips using small tattooing equipment. The artist will help you get the exact shade and shape you want so you won’t need lipstick or gloss to get your ideal look.

Your personal sense of style is as unique as the atmosphere of Westwood. Let Dose of Brows save you time and help you achieve your beauty goals with quick, efficient semi-permanent makeup services. Contact us today to learn more about microblading, lip blushing, and other valuable treatments.

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