Microblading Eyebrows & Lip Blush Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Microblading Eyebrows by Dose of Brows

The name “Beverly Hills” evokes Hollywood glamour and a luxe life of shopping, supercars, and poolside dips at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is the place where the stars shine ever so brightly. Of course, you could spend all day like Julia Roberts, strolling along Rodeo Drive, but there’s so much more to Beverly Hills than celebrity! Fantastic gardens, wonderful art galleries, and amazing restaurants are here to thrill and seduce you. Explore, indulge, visit a spa, have a cocktail, and welcome to paradise.

Beverly Hills is an enigma: it’s at once dazzling and mysterious. In this oasis of sunshine, everyone wants to look their best. Dose of Brows is a haven of beauty nestled in Sherman Oaks, near one of the best of city of Beverly Hills, California. Founder and Master Microblading Artist, Liana G., offers clients bespoke microblading and lip blush services that deliver the best results possible.

Life is too short to spend time plucking at eyebrow hairs that grow back too quickly, or not at all. In a posh city like Beverly Hills, you’ll want to look the part of a woman who hasn’t a care in the world. You want to draw the right kind of attention to your face, and a professional brow treatment simply looks more polished than something you might attempt at home.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates the look of natural, lush, perfectly-shaped eyebrows. The cosmetic artist uses manual tattoo equipment to skillfully and precisely trace delicate, hair-stroke, pigmented marks into the skin. The results fade gradually, so you’ll want an annual touch-up.

A Dose of Brows is not for your eyes only. No look is complete without a perfect pout, so our salon offers lip blushing as a semi-permanent complement to your beautiful brows. Lip blushing is an amazing treatment that gives you gorgeous lips, effortlessly. Using a similar technique, the cosmetic artist uses a tiny needle to deliver rosy pigment to the lips, resulting in a subtle enhancement that looks healthy and young-at-heart. Our clients love the results and feel newfound confidence when they’re out and about.

Beverly Hills is all about experiencing every moment in high style. Microblading, lip blush, and other semi-permanent makeup services bring out the best in your natural good looks. Next time you book a beauty treatment, contact Dose of Brows! We’ll keep you looking lovely day and night, all year-’round.

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