Microblading Eyebrows Chatsworth California

Chatsworth Residents Love Microblading by Dose of Brows

A diverse Los Angeles neighborhood, Chatsworth sits south of the 118 and is notable for its low population density. Over the years, residents of the area have worked hard to elevate Chatsworth’s strengths, such as its welcoming neighbors, rich history, and beautiful environment, allowing it to flourish into the family-friendly community it is today.

Passing through Chatsworth is worth the stop to see several historical monuments, such as the Stage Coach Trail. Located in Santa Susana Mountain Park, the trail dates back to the 1860s, linking Los Angeles with Encino, Simi Valley, and Ventura. You’ll also find olive trees older than Chatsworth itself, planted in the late 19th century. Native to the eastern Mediterranean, these trees contribute to the neighborhood’s lush vision.

Los Angeles offers its residents all the benefits of urban living, but many homebuyers choose Chatsworth, owing its tranquility to a more rural atmosphere. Although Chatsworth doesn’t have much luxury shopping or the thriving nightlife that Hollywood and other parts of L.A. are known for, most residents prefer the natural beauty surrounding them.

Building on Chatsworth’s picturesque appearance, Dose of Brows offers residents high-demand beauty services, including microblading and lip blush. Microblading, a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup, involves a manual tool with very fine needles that look like a blade; a licensed artist hand draws individual hairs, implanting the pigment into the skin during the process.

Each hair stroke drawn by an MLA Master Artist stimulates the natural eyebrow hairs a client already has, seamlessly blending the pigment into the brows and filling out and adding color to what’s there, resulting in an overall natural look. At Dose of Brows, the microblading process ensures a customized shape, look, and feel that flows with your brow and complements your personality.

With an experienced MLA Master Artist at the helm, Dose of Brows offers gorgeous but undetectable services. Contact us today to learn more.

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