Lash Extension Care

Our expertly trained Lash Technicians apply lightweight lash extensions to each individual natural lash. Giving you longer, fuller, gorgeous lashes.

Our Lash Technicians can fully customize each lash set. You can choose between Classic, Hybrid or Volume. Your stylist will help guide you in selecting a style best suited for you.

  • Before You Arrive

    • Arrive with a fresh face

      No eye makeup, no moisturizers, no sunscreen.Be sure you do not have any waterproof mascara on or lash glue left over from strip lashes. This will take away from your actual lash extensions application time, since stylist will have to remove any makeup or glue.

    • No Caffeine

      We love coffee just as much as you do but try to avoid it prior to your appointment. Caffeine can make it difficult to lie down during the lash application process.

    • Give yourself enough time

      Please allow at least 90 minutes for a new full set application.

  • Caring For Your Lashes

    • Lash Refills

      Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

    • First 24 Hours

      Avoid getting your lashes wet, exposed to steam and excessive humidity for the first 24 hours. Do not use oil-based products of any kind.Oil based makeup removers, Makeup wipes or cleansers should be avoided.

    • Aftercare

      For best results, wash your lashes daily with eyelash foaming cleanser. This will help remove any excess oil on or around the eyelids. It is also very important to brush your lashes with the lash wand provided.

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